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The Arduino as a Real Time Data Engine

The Arduino as a Real Time Data Engine

The Arduino can capture data faster than any normal human being can see or hear.  This one tiny microcontroller can record thousands of measures per second--more fast-moving data than any human being can understand.  In this workshop, we will set up a pair of knobs we can turn to generate data values in real time.  We will see how to capture the resulting data as human-readable output, an analytics-ready data set, and visualized using dynamic graphing built into the Arduino software.  We will look at how to improve the usefulness of the data gathered by taking a design thinking approach to setting up our data collection machine, saving only the data we need and converting raw records into meaningful observations.

This workshops are free and open to all University of Rochester students and faculty.  All materials for the workshop will be provided.  Participants should a laptop and, if possible, download and install the Arduino open-source software before the workshop. No previous microcontroller experience or electronics experience is required.  The first part of each workshop will be an introduction to the Arduino and the second part will focus on the specific workshop topic.  

Thursday, November 16, 2017
9:30am - 11:30am
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