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The Arduino as a Learning Machine

The Arduino as a Learning Machine

Machine Learning is the process by which machines teach themselves, learning from experience in the same way human beings do.  Over some period of training, the machine records events, makes associations between events, and begins to expect and respond to those patterns.  In this workshop, we will program the Arduino to learn to respond to human touch using buttons and other sensors to turn on a light.  We will program the microcontroller to adjust to different patterns of use and different human users, creating a microcontroller capable of learning and adapting to the human world around it.

This workshops are free and open to all University of Rochester students and faculty.  All materials for the workshop will be provided.  Participants should a laptop and, if possible, download and install the Arduino open-source software before the workshop. No previous microcontroller experience or electronics experience is required.  The first part of each workshop will be an introduction to the Arduino and the second part will focus on the specific workshop topic.

Friday, November 17, 2017
8:30am - 10:30am
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