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- Moriana Garcia

I am the Outreach Librarian for Biology, Biomedical Engineering and Brain & Cognitive Sciences. I would be happy to help you navigate our collections and online resources and find information related to any of those subjects.  I can also help you with reference management systems (RefWorks, EndNote, Zotero, or Mendeley).  

My office is located in Carlson Library, Third Floor, Room 313D (near the elevator, after the Patent Alcove). We can meet online through Zoom (Mon-Fri, 9 am-5 pm)  or in person (Wed to Fri, 9 am-5 pm). You will receive a confirmation email with a link once you set up your appointment.

* Email me at <> if you'd like to arrange a research consultation outside of my regular hours through Zoom.

Moriana Garcia is available to meet online and in-person.

Click "online" or "in-person" to get started or choose a location from the "Make an Appointment" dropdown above