Reserving the Gleason Theater:



  • Use of the theater is limited to the University of Rochester community only. Reservations for events that are open to the public are prohibited. If your event is to be advertised outside of the University community, you should contact Event and Classroom Management
  • If your reservation includes showing a film, it must include an educational component such as a presentation or discussion of the film being screened.
  • To maximize the availability of the theater to the student community, reservations are limited to one reservation a month per organization or individual.
  • No recurring reservations. You may not reserve, for example, every Friday from 8-10.


  • Gleason Theater is not a classroom. If you are an instructor who is showing a film during class contact Event and Classroom Management to arrange the necessary equipment.


  • It is recommended that, in order to familiarize yourself with and verify satisfactory operation of the equipment, you stop in and try it out prior to your event. The Gleason Theater is self-serve.


  • This is your theater. Please clean up after yourselves. 


  • Once you book your reservation, please retain your confirmation email as verification in the event a conflict arises.



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